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25 Years Service Award Ideas

Completing 25 years with a company or organisation is an extremely noteworthy achievement and should be recognised in such a way that the member of your team feels that their dedication and passion for the organisation has been recognised. It’s important that if someone has been with your business for 25 years you thank them for this time accordingly.
In this article we have put together some different ways in which you can recognise a member of your team for their long service, commitment, loyalty and dedication for your company.
Celebratory Meal
Why not go out for a meal with the team to the receivers favourite restaurant, encourage him or her to invite their partner or spouse and inform the whole team that it will be taking place, especially immediate co-workers and line managers. A collection before the meal may be a good idea, and then a gift can be presented from the team during the celebrations, or even a glass award? It is a nice idea to say a few words from the company, co workers and the team to show how much he or she is really appreciated.
Glass awards make for excellent long service awards, they are glitzy and elegant – a real beauty to show off on the persons desk or on their mantelpiece at home. Ensure you have the glass award engraved to make it even more personable and special, including wording such as ’25 Years Service Award’ followed by the receivers name, their position, the company name or logo and then a line of thanks at the bottom. This glass service award could be given in the workplace or at the celebratory meal, but ensure it is marked as a special occasion and the glass award is not left in a box on the table of the receiver.
Gift Tokens / Vouchers
Gift tokens and vouchers are another popular gift for long service awards; this allows the person to purchase something they want. Have a think about their hobbies or recent purchases, are they doing up their garden and would love new plants or garden furniture? If so a garden centre voucher would be perfect. Maybe they have a favourite shop they always go to, in which case get a voucher from that place.
How else do you think you could recognise someone in your business for their long service with the company?