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A Fancy Dress Competition For Halloween

A Fancy Dress Competition For Halloween
Christmas is just around the corner, but before that it is Halloween just a few weeks away – how are you celebrating Halloween this year? October is the time of the year when people start lagging, colds are going round, you arrive to work in darkness and leave work in darkness, personal finances are tight while you’re saving money for Christmas presents and all in all, the weather is rubbish, wet and rain and all in all it’s a pretty miserable time of the year – so let’s cheer it up!
Those employees that work for you near enough give their lives to you, they spend more time with you than they do with their partners or children – so why not throw a family party for all staff and their partners and children this Halloween? It will be a great chance for families to see what their partners or parents really do, who they work with and who they work for, which will help enable loyalty to your business.
To add to the excitement, why not have a fancy dress competition at the Halloween party and give out glass awards? You could have a glass award for the best dress child, the best dressed adult and even the best dressed family or couple? There will be lots of laughs and maybe even some guessing as to who is behind the mask or face paint.
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we have a wide selection of glass awards for you to choose from, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank as we have some high quality cheap glass awards which offer great value for money.
We even have an in-house team of glass award engravers that can engrave the glass awards with the name of the award and the date it was won so it can be kept as a special gift to remember the brilliant party year after year!
What’s stopping you holding a Halloween Party for your colleagues and their family? It’s a great way of showing your staff members how much you appreciate their loyalty and hard work, while encouraging more loyalty and continuous hard work.