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Are Circles The Future Of Glass Awards?

Are Circles The Future Of Glass Awards? –
We recently saw an article from BuzzFeed that spoke of circles being the future of food and claiming that all the best foods were circular in shape. Of course this was an off the cuff article designed for comedy purposes (we hope), but it got us thinking. We then looked at our best selling glass awards, and there, firmly sat in the top ten of our best selling glass awards was our Circular Glass Award; so was there are truth in the BuzzFeed article that claimed circles were the future of food, and could this be the case for other things too?
So let’s start with food, of course there is the pizza and circular food could not be discussed without mentioning this delicious Italian meal. Then we have yummy pancakes and crepes, also circular. How about a fried egg? We all know that the best bit of a fried egg is the circular dippy yoke that we can dip our chips into. Then we have biscuits and cookies, all cookies are circular in shape and the best biscuits, like Party Rings and Jammy Dodgers, are circular!
Maybe BuzzFeed are onto something, circular food could be the future of food, but could circular glass awards be the future of engraved glass awards too? After all, our circular glass award is one of our best sellers for a reason!
The great thing about a circular engraved glass award is that there is plenty of room for it to be engraved and that is one of the main reasons we feel this award is so popular. Due to the circular shape, that won’t stand, it means the glass award also needs a base which adds to the weightiness and quality of the glass award, making it look and feel like a real honour to behold.
A circle is still an unusual shape for a glass award and perhaps this is another reason that it is such a popular glass award, because the circular shape allows it to stand out from other glass awards and offer something different?
Do you think circles could be the future of glass awards?