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Are Footballers Motivated By Money Or Trophies?

Are Footballers Motivated By Money Or Trophies?
What do you think motivates the modern day footballer? Could it be the glass trophy or award they receive, or could it be the high amounts of money they receive for doing their job well? Of course there are arguments for and against both sides of the debate, but here is what we think.
There are arguments that players get into football for the high amounts of money that is available if they do a good job, in some cases players are just in it for the money as they know they will have the financial security that they needn’t work again.
Jamie Redknapp recently said that young players are too quick to get their first fancy and expensive car and then just sit on the bench and play for the reserves rather than fighting for their place in the team. The average salary of a premier league football player around 20 years ago was an average of £1755, however today your premier league football player will be earning around £40,000. Fans have certainly felt the pinch to pay for this with an increase on tickets to see their team play increasing by up to 1000% in the last 20 years.
Many of us will have pictures ourselves in front of tens of thousands of cheering fans, calling our name and celebrating our win. For a football player there must surely be no better feeling but do trophies still motivate the modern day footballer?
We all understand that winning a glass trophy or award must be a joyous occasion, it makes you feel good about yourself and like you have achieved something pretty special. In football when a player retires at the end of their football career they are left with a sense of pride when they look at all the trophies, cups and glass awards they have collected over the years.

But how can we relate this to our own teams or even in the workplace? You need to be able to understand what motivates your team so you can give them something they really want. Everyone is motivated by different things so take the time to understand what motivates the different members of the team. If it is glass awards and trophies then why not give us a call?