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Ways To Motivate Your Workforce With Awards

As many managers know, it can sometimes be very hard to find ways of enhancing motivation in the workplace however when you are armed with the right information and the proper techniques, increasing employee motivation using rewards such as glass trophies and glass awards can easy. We’ve put together some tips and guidelines for you, so you can motivate your workforce with awards and rewards to create a more motivated and productive workforce.
Firstly, when developing and implementing an awards program make sure you have the involvement of your workforce. They know what they want and what will motivate them and it could be different to what you think. You also need to speak with your workforce to make sure that they see the rewards as worth the effort.
It’s important that employees understand how to earn the awards and what is expected of them, this can be supported by reasonable and transparent performance standards for the glass awards. It may be worth creating a board or clearly viewed database showing how close employees are to gaining awards or rewards. When employees can see how awards are given they will think it seems fairer and this will increase their motivation to achieve the performance results you desire.
Aim to link or glass awards to performance; for an award to have the most impact on your workforce the glass awards need to be distributed consistently according to policies that the workforce have created with you. It is essential that you do not cut corners or engage in favouritism as this will be hugely detrimental.
Consider giving glass awards for smaller milestones as well as when larger goals are met because this will help encourage the good progress to continue and their behaviour will be consistent with company expectations.
Teamwork and co-operation is really important in the work place so they and encourage this as well as offering awards that support this as it will encourage this good behaviour to continue. You may be tempted to stop rewarding top performers but this could be a fatal flaw, if they are still doing a great job you need to reward their excellent performance or this will stop.
Why not call our team of glass award specialists now to help you decide on the best glass awards for your team, we can even offer guidance on how you can make the glass awards personalised and bespoke so they’ll be treasured in pride of place for years to come.

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Top 3 Star Glass Awards For Your Stars

It is always recommended that you recognise and award the stars within your workplace, group, sports club or school. Not only will it show the receiver that they have been recognised for their hard work while encouraging them to keep it up, it will give others something to strive towards and the star glass award they receive can be put somewhere special where they can remember that they really are a valued member of a team.
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we have put together what we think are the top 3 star glass awards for those stars that you want to reward, praise and celebrate.
The Shooting Star Optical Trophy
This award is really suitable for those that are the shooting stars of the future, they may have improved dramatically or be completely ahead of the game in everything they do. This glass star award shows a star shooting from the base and will encourage the receiver to continue shooting for the stars.
The Cut Star Jade Glass Award
This glass star award has more of a corporate feel to it and has a large panel for the engraving of your choice. Many businesses opt for this award for their corporate awards ceremonies and they will often have their logo or branding in the centre with the name of the award, the date or year and the name of the winner. It’s a really sophisticated award that looks brilliant.
The Silver Star Wedge Trophy
Due to shape and size of this star glass award it is a very weighty trophy that looks incredibly high quality but isn’t as expensive as the receiver may think. Finished to high standards with the engraving of your choice this is another very popular star glass award.
We have a wide selection of glass star awards and cheap glass star awards, if you’re not sure if the best glass star awards for your business, group or sports club then give us a call. Our team of glass award experts are always happy to offer advice and guidance to get the best glass award for your needs.

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Tips For Awarding In The Workplace

Giving glass awards and glass trophies in the workplace can be a great way to increase motivation and boost morale in the workplace; however it is important to develop and implement effective awards for your team while avoiding some of the worst mistakes you can make.
We have put together some top tips that will help give you a guideline for awarding staff in the workplace;
• Don’t reward the basics like turning up for work, instead have glass awards that need to be worked for, that need to be won and not just awarded by default. A glass award needs to be won for outstanding performance in the workplace, not just for turning up at work because that’s what they get paid for.

• It’s really important not to have glass awards that involve ‘chance’, if someone has done something that deserves recognition they shouldn’t then have their name put in a hat to see if they ‘might’ win the glass award. This can be a sure fire way to de-motivate your staff if someone who has done the basics wins the award by sheer good luck.

• When creating awards for your work place, make sure there is no way to play the system so people can win a glass award. If for example, you are giving an award for attendance you may notice attendance dropping so it can go up the next month to win the glass award. If one person cheats the system the rest will follow and overall morale will drop.

• Have a think about what is important to your staff, it might not always by money instead it may be a Saturday off, a meal for two at a local restaurant or cream cakes on the lunch break. Providing an additional gift or incentive alongside a glass award or trophy can be a really nice way to make the receiver feel extra special.

• When it’s time to announce the award winner don’t just slide a glass award across the table quietly, instead make a big deal of it. Have a glass award that they can keep forever, or until the next month when it’s handed to the next employee. Recognition by peers means so much to your workforce, so go big and get the team celebrating their win with them.

If you’re not sure about the best glass award or trophy for your team then give us a call, we’re always happy to offer advice or guidance.

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Even More Disappointment At Formula One For Lewis Hamilton

It seems that Bernie Ecclestone had to deal with a very unhappy Lewis Hamilton at Formula One recently when Lewis complained that he was not impressed with the shocking state of the Formula One trophies.
Lewis Hamilton was so unimpressed with the Formula One trophies that he even protested to Formula Ones chief executive while personally criticising the man in charge of the trophies at Formula One Management.
It has been recently reported that Lewis Hamilton said “We just need to make better trophies – it’s shocking how bad the trophies are.” Going on to say; “The trophies are as good as…at go kart level. It was really bad. Formula Renault was just little boxes with a car in the middle. Formula 3 was good and at the beginning of my Formula One carer the trophies were really good, but now they are just terrible man. They are so bad”.
It’s a little known fact that Lewis Hamilton keeps hold of all the original trophies while his team keep the replicas of the trophies at the factory in Brackley, Northamptonshire. However recently the interest of sponsors has been taking over and historic trophies have been relegated to secondary prizes once the awards ceremony is over.
Last year Lewis Hamilton was presented with the Santander trophy and he said “Where’s the gold trophy Man?” – can you imagine how embarrassing that must have been for the award giver? This is a concern for many people purchasing the glass awards and trophies for their awards ceremonies and events.
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we offer only the highest quality glass awards and glass trophies to ensure that each glass award that is given is received as an honour and the award giver is proud to present an award of its type.
Maybe we’ll drop Lewis Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone a line and see if we can offer any advice in upcoming awards, we’re always happy to help!

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Back to School Awards

When children are just starting back at school it can be pretty daunting so as a teacher why not consider awards for the students given on a monthly basis and then an overall winner at the end of each term or school year where a glass award is given? You may have a large number in your class but with our high quality, cheap glass awards you can award your whole class for their hard work.

You could give monthly certificates for All A’s or All A’s and B’s based on the grades the children in your class get throughout their lessons, this will encourage them to keep striving for those top grades so they can win the glass award at the end of the year.

You could also have monthly awards for different subjects, allowing children to win glass awards, even if they are not great educationally but better at sports, arts or drama for example. You could have Best Art Student, Best Drama Student and Best PE Student as well as many others.

There will often be students that show great improvement but they are still not the best students in the class for that subject however it is still important that these students are rewarded. This is where awards for ‘Most Improved’ come in, for example Most Improved Math Student, Most Improved Art Student, Most Improved Science Student and so on, this will show your student they have been noticed and it will encourage them to keep trying.
Teamwork and Friendship is really important, they aren’t really skills that are directly taught in the classroom but they are skills that can be learnt off each other. Have a Most Valuable Player award for those in a sports team that may not be great at sports but they are supportive of others in their team. Then have an award for a child that has shown excellent friendship, or ask for the pupils to choose someone in the class who has shown what a good friend they can be.

Do you remember any awards that you won in school? How did it make you feel when you were given a trophy or glass award as recognition for your hard work?