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Balance The Yin And Yang With A Bevelled Octagon Glass Award

Balance The Yin And Yang With A Bevelled Octagon Glass Award
The eight sided shape of an octagon is thought to represent the northeast corner of the pillar and earth and mountains and it is thought that octagons balance the yin and yang energy of a room, space or person. Experts feel that if an area of your home, office or life is lacking in yin or yang then placing an octagon in the area will balance energy as well as prosperity.
Whether you believe in feng shui or yin and yang or not isn’t that ditty a wonderful way to open your awards ceremony or to add when giving the glass award to the receiver. Explaining that through this glass award some people believe you will be balancing energies and adding prosperity to their life or business?
Our Bevelled Octagon Glass Award is a very popular glass award; in fact it is one of the most popular glass awards that we offer here at Fen Regis Trophies. It offers a stunning look and feel due to the shape and design of the award and now has a little back story too – which is an especially good thing if the award is being given for mindfulness, spiritual reasons or other similar achievements.
Our octagon glass award has bevelled edges which work wonderfully to reflect light across the face of the glass award and around the room, creating an added brightness and lightness to a dark or dim room. This gorgeous light that it spreads around the room will also attract the eye of anyone in the room – allowing the receiver to really show off their award and achievements, and if your branding is on the glass award this will get you noticed too.
Whether you believe in feng shui, yin and yang or not, it really doesn’t matter because our bevelled octagon glass award is a truly stunning, high quality glass award that offers great value for money while looking elegant and sophisticated.
What more could you want from a glass award?