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Benefits Of Running Awards Programs

There are countless businesses, companies and organisations in a wide range of industries that are already or just starting to run their own awards programs and presenting members of their team with glass awards or glass trophies to congratulate them for their achievements.
Of course there is a lot of time, effort and money that goes into organising awards programs within a business, but despite all the hard work that goes into creating, organising a running an awards program there are several very worthwhile benefits to the business for running awards programs and giving glass awards or glass trophies and these are listed below;
• Increases Engagement
Employees of your business will be more engaged with the business goals and values and with the business as whole because they now if they do good things for the business they will be recognised for this in the form of a glass award or a glass trophy.
• Boosts Customer Retention
By offering glass awards, glass trophies and recognition for excellent work employees will want to work harder and make sure customers are satisfied. When employees are happy they will automatically make your customers happy and happy customers will stay with your business longer.
• Produce Revenue Opportunities
When employees know they are being recognised, noticed and what they are saying is being taken on board they will be happy to suggest ideas that they have for the business and these could turn out to be very viable and worthwhile revenue opportunities for your business.
• Build Publicity
By running an awards program in the workplace and presenting achievers with a glass award or glass trophy is an excellent chance for you to present in the local newspaper and even share photos of the award presentation on social media so people can see that you are a company that cares about your employees and recognises them for their hard work.
• Reinforce The Values And Goals Of The Business
Because the business (you) are creating the awards program you can award staff for your reasons. These can be the values, goals and visions of your business. For example, if you would like the number one company for offering the best level of customer service then ensure customer service is part of the rewards program, maybe offering a glass award to the person that gets the most positive feedback from customers.
How do you think a rewards program would work in your business? Why not call us now to hear what we can do for you? We have a wide range of glass awards to suit all rewards and budgets.