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Best Glass Awards For Companies

Best Glass Awards For Companies
We’ve written various blogs about the best award titles for companies, why businesses should give awards and the benefits of award programs and giving awards to customers and staff members within the company, but we thought we would now talk about the best awards to be given and for what reasons.
Glass Handshake Trophy
Our glass handshake trophy is superb as a glass award for a supplier that has gone above and beyond, or a customer that offers exceptional customer service to their customers. It could also be used for a member of your team that has closed lots of deals with new customers or achieved the highest sales.
Pharoah Glass Award
Our Pharaoh glass award is eye catching making it the perfect award to promote your own business through customers. Your customer will be proud to have this glass award on display and will take pride in showing it off, when one of their customers takes a look at it they will see your name – how’s that for advertising?
Shooting Star Optical Award
Our shooting star optical glass award is an excellent glass award for someone, or some company that have been a ‘star’ in what they have done. This could be an excellent award for the good work they have done in the community or if they have been a customer that have sold a phenomenal amount of your products. Anything that would deserve a ‘gold star’ at school deserves a shooting star glass award in the business world.
Circular Glass Award
Our circular glass award is in our cheap glass award range, making it perfect for an award ceremony on a budget, when high quality glass awards are still needed. The circular glass award is on a glass plinth and looks elegant and sophisticated, but is also great value for money, but your customers and winners of the award will never know!
If you need help choosing awards for your company then give our glass award specialists a call – we can help you find the right glass award for your needs and budget.