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Best Mince Pie Awards 2015

The Good Housekeeping Institute this year showed some interesting results from their mince pie testing. The top runners for the Best Mince Pie Awards each year are usually a mix of Fortnum & Mason, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose creating the usual three horse race; but this year there was someone else in the running – perhaps a dark horse among the runners that nobody expected to see?
First place in the Best Mince Pie Awards was taken by Marks and Spencer, however many were surprised with the winners of 2nd place offering mince pies at just 45p each, scoring only 2 points less than Marks and Spencer in the vigorous taste tests.
Greggs, the high street bakery famous for pasties and sausage rolls stole 2nd place from the likes of Fortnum & Mason and Waitrose. The taste testers said that the mince pies from Greggs had a good ratio of crisp pastry to sweet fruity filling and they were finished with a generous dusting of icing sugar”
Greggs competed against 21 other brands in the Good Housekeeping Institute as winners of the Best Mince Pie Awards, available at just 45p each of six for £1.50 – proving the highest costing products this Christmas aren’t always the best tasting products.
Why not have a Best Mince Pie Award in your workplace, get them team to get baking and then have a taste testing event where each selection of mince pies are based on their looks, the consistency, the crispiness of the pastry and the amount of filling in the mince pie.
You could then give a trophy or a glass award to the winner to congratulate them for having made the best mince pie of your business – just make sure they don’t sneak by Greggs on the way to work and purchase the amazing mince pies they have on offer.
Star Glass Awards or star trophies could be a good option for these awards as the star is a traditional Christmas shape and then you we can engrave the award with the name of the competition, the name of the competition winner and the year they won the award?