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Can Glass Awards Help With Staff Retention?

Can Glass Awards Help With Staff Retention?
Before we start talking about how glass awards can help staff retention and why you should introduce glass awards into your business it’s essential we cover just how important staff retention is to a business, this is something that many businesses do not realise.
Every business will have high quality employees in their team, these are the employees that are vital to the success and growth of your business, the employees that really care about your business, are passionate about your product and service and will go out of their way to ensure that the customers are satisfied by the service of product your business offers.
It is often these high quality employees that set your business apart from your competitors and keeps your customers with you, even when mistakes or errors are made with the product or service you offer.
However, it is also these high quality employees that are known about in the industry, they have made a name for themselves and your competitors will be keen to have them working for them and often, with a more appealing offer or a better opportunity these high quality employees you have spent time, effort and money nurturing could leave your business and take these skills to the competition.
Of course a good level of pay and added bonuses are important for staff retention but what if you can’t match the financial offerings of your competitors? What can you do to keep your high quality employees hungry for their own success while staying loyal to your business?
Glass awards are a brilliant way of improving staff retention in your business. A glass award gives your employees something to focus on and work towards while knowing they have been recognised for their hard work and effort. Glass awards are also pretty low cost but they can mean the world to the receiver.
Think of the recruitment costs and training time spent on new employees if staff turnover in your business is high? Now think about the small cost for a glass award and how much they could help your business improve your levels of staff retention!