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Can Glass Awards Help Your Business?

Can Glass Awards Help Your Business?
It’s all well and good giving out those congratulatory handshakes, sending round the emails and presenting employees with ‘well done’ speeches, but these can only go so far and soon, even the least savvy employee will start to feel that a shake of the hand and a pat on the back isn’t quite the payoff they were hoping for as acknowledgement for their hard work.
When you see an amazing achievement in your business it is important that you put your money where your mouth is. Shaking someone hand and saying well done may not match up to the incredible achievement and the employee may even feel insulted or disheartened by such a poor display of appreciation and gratefulness.
At times like this you need to take the reward and recognition system up to the next level and there are plenty of ways in which you can do this. You could offer a promotion to someone that has made a spectacular promotion, but make sure this new job title comes with a worthy pay rise or they employee may feel they are just being taken for a ride.
You could offer financial incentives to your employees but this money is soon lost in household bills and shopping. An experience or a gift is a great idea for recognition too, but what about a constant reminder of how grateful you are for their achievement? Although gifts like this go a long way to keeping your staff happy they can soon be forgotten.
Giving glass awards for can be an excellent tool. A glass award helps keep the receiver motivated to continue doing wonderful things, but it also motivates others to do better so they can also receive the glass award.
A glass award can often help to bring about healthy competition in the workplace and help bring the team together as they congratulate each other on their great work, or commiserate each other as they were so close to winning the glass award.
While money is obviously important to all of us it often isn’t the only thing that drives and motivates us. Recognition is essential in the workplace and staff member glass awards are the perfect way to show you value and recognise their efforts.