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Can Glass Awards Work For Staff As They Do Celebs?

Can Glass Awards Work For Staff As They Do Celebs?
You only have to turn on the TV to see more glass awards being given to the celeb world followed by emotional speeches and thanks to parents, partners, kids, employers, managers, dogs and goldfish and clearly receiving a glass award is a big deal to the super famous.
It’s all about gaining that much loved recognition from the movie critics out there, praise from industry experts and being noticed by and celebrating with fellow celebrities. Receiving a glass award is often more of a big deal that the box office figures when it comes to proving their skill and popularity.
However, can these feelings of pride and excitement transfer into the work place with winners feeling the same way about the glass awards as the rich and famous celebrities feel about being nominated and going on to receive glass awards for what they do? Can the feeling of glass awards translate into the normal and ordinary lives of us mere mortals?
Is it possible for glass awards to motivate and inspire the employees in your business, in the same way that they motivate celebrities? Can you use glass awards in your workplace to improve staff morale and team support in the same way that film and TV program awards do for celebrities, movie stars and TV stars??
We’ve all seen the cast of our favourite soaps or programs gather together on stage with the producer or writer at the front of the stage giving a speech on the fact it is a team effort and without the amazing support from the team they could not have achieved the level of success that they have done – can the same not work in your business too if you were to offer glass awards for teams of members of the management team that support their own teams?
Could glass awards boost productivity in the workplace? You often see award winning TV programs really up the ante when it comes to the next series as they want to be recognised with a glass award again. Could this also be the case in your business, with your employees striving to exceed expectations so they can win the award the next year?
Of course glass award can work for staff as they do with celebrities because, deep down, although it may be hard to believe, celebrities are human beings too and everyone loves being recognised for their hardwork.