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Celebrating Your Stars

As a business owner you will know that is important to celebrate the stars in your business. It’s important to focus on staff recognition to those that do go the extra mile are appreciated for their hard work and feel proud to represent your company.
But how can you really celebrate the stars within your business? Why not consider a glass star award? If you think that someone in your organisation has been a superstar then what better way is there of telling them this than by giving them a glass star award?
Presentation of the glass star awards could take place at your annual or bi-annual staff party; often the owner of a business will take to the stage at this time so why not turn the staff party into a little awards ceremony? You could even encourage your staff to dress in ‘Oscar’ themed clothing to give them a little clue of what is to come.
The glitz, glamour, sophistication of the event will be shown through the men in tuxedos and ladies in ball gowns and silky dresses. Everyone will look fabulous and as you take to the stage to welcome everyone to the annual staff party and thank them for their hard work over the last year, you can then add that there are some people that really have gone the extra mile and call them up to present them with their very own glass star award.
The great thing about high quality personalised and engraved glass star awards is that they can have the company logo on, names and wording of your choice but because they look so good your staff will be proud to put them on display in their own homes.
After having your first ever awards ceremony and celebrating the stars within your business, you will start to notice other members of your organisation will become rising stars as they can see there is recognition within their business and peoples hard work gets noticed.
Before you know it you’ll have a whole organisation of shining stars that are making your business a huge success, but don’t worry – we offer bulk buying discounts on our glass star awards so it won’t cost you as much as you think!
Have you ever received an award for your hard work? How did it make you feel to be noticed and thanked in that way?