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Certificate Wording Ideas For Awards

When running an awards ceremony or handing out awards it is a nice idea to couple these with a certificate, so if the glass award goes on a shelf or cabinet the receiver has a certificate to be framed and go on the wall or on their desk. In this article we have put together some certificate wording ideas, for the certificates that go with a glass award or trophy.
Finding the right words for an award of any size or type can seem somewhat daunting; there is a lot to be said but you don’t want to write an essay so when writing an award certificate it’s important that you keep it simple.
For a leadership award certificate you want to include the position, job title and organisation that the person works in. Ideally you will also put how long they have served in this position or been within the company. You want to make sure that the wording at the top of the award certificate is clear so the receiver can see exactly what they have won the award for, without having to squint.
If you are creating an award certificate for a community service award then you need to make sure the award certificate includes how much the person has helped in their community and in which ways. Using words like commitment, reliability and dedication are highly recommended and these words could also be read out when the glass award is being given to the receiver.
When awarding a person for their excellent athletics or sports then you need to make sure you include the name of the award but also the name of the winner and the club they are from. It is also recommended that the date of the award and the season in which the award is won is included and this should be clearly evident on the award.
If you are awarding someone for excellent customer service then make sure the award congratulates them for their hard work and thanks them for setting an excellent example to fellow colleagues and customers. Awarding the certificate with a high quality glass award will emphasise the importance of going above and beyond with customer service to other people in the team.