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Companies Should Give Awards Because Winning Is Fun

Companies Should Give Awards Because Winning Is Fun
As young children we were all told that it’s the taking part that counts, but let us be honest now, (with no small children around)… isn’t winning just great fun? Nobody dislikes winning an award and people will do that little bit extra to win an award – so why aren’t more companies giving awards when there are so many great reasons too?
• Winning Makes Winners Happy
Companies do all sorts of things to keep their customers happy, taking them out for meals, inviting them to corporate events and generally wining and dining them… but those things can’t be put on a wall to display to all – but a trophy can. Why not organise an awards ceremony with elegant glass awards for your customers?
• Winners Talk About Their Winning
When there is a trophy on the wall or in reception the customers will see it, if your client has won an award from you your branding will be on the award and when asked about the award they will mention you, what they did to win it, why you organised it and such like. Receivers will also be keen to celebrate their winning of the award in local magazines and newspapers, furthering the PR and marketing for your business.
• Award Givers Talk About The Winner
When you give an award you are able to create your own PR and marketing, talking about those that were shortlisted, promoting your own business beliefs through the reasons you chose those that won.
• Winning Is A Great Excuse For A Party
As we touched on earlier, wins want to be celebrated and award ceremonies can be organised for your customers. It gives you a chance to keep in touch with your customers but also allows your employees to meet the customers too. It’s a great way to create a more customer orientated business.
Does your company give awards? What do you find the benefits are?