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Do You Use Employee Recognition Awards?

Do You Use Employee Recognition Awards?
We have noticed a recent rise in purchases of employee recognition glass awards for businesses. While some business owners have often thought of employee recognition awards to be a waste of money with very little return, or no return on investment there are some business owners that swear by their employee recognition glass awards.
In your workplace you will find that pretty much all of your employees work hard, there may be one or two you need to keep a closer eye on, but all in all your employees work hard for you and they are good at what they do.
But are there some employees that will always go that extra mile, that really excel in their accomplishments, make additional effort and can be relied on, whatever?
This may be an employee that pushed hard on a project, aim or goal and made sure it was completed successfully before schedule? Maybe someone has put in those extra hours to make sure that a computer system upgrade has been successfully accomplished and ran smoothly for others.
There will be at least one employee who exceeds expectations and does that little bit more, by publicly recognising them in front of their colleagues with an employee recognition glass award you will see some amazing effects in your business.
The pride the colleague has in themselves and your business will generate a positive wave through the workforce and their co-workers will be positively affected too, which will then encourage them to put in the extra effort too. The atmosphere in your office will quickly change for the better, creating a more positive atmosphere for everyone.
When you, as a business owner, leader or manager, publicly recognise a member of your team for a job well done and then follow on to commemorate their achievement with an employee recognition glass award your small investment will pay off big time!