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Even More Disappointment At Formula One For Lewis Hamilton

It seems that Bernie Ecclestone had to deal with a very unhappy Lewis Hamilton at Formula One recently when Lewis complained that he was not impressed with the shocking state of the Formula One trophies.
Lewis Hamilton was so unimpressed with the Formula One trophies that he even protested to Formula Ones chief executive while personally criticising the man in charge of the trophies at Formula One Management.
It has been recently reported that Lewis Hamilton said “We just need to make better trophies – it’s shocking how bad the trophies are.” Going on to say; “The trophies are as good as…at go kart level. It was really bad. Formula Renault was just little boxes with a car in the middle. Formula 3 was good and at the beginning of my Formula One carer the trophies were really good, but now they are just terrible man. They are so bad”.
It’s a little known fact that Lewis Hamilton keeps hold of all the original trophies while his team keep the replicas of the trophies at the factory in Brackley, Northamptonshire. However recently the interest of sponsors has been taking over and historic trophies have been relegated to secondary prizes once the awards ceremony is over.
Last year Lewis Hamilton was presented with the Santander trophy and he said “Where’s the gold trophy Man?” – can you imagine how embarrassing that must have been for the award giver? This is a concern for many people purchasing the glass awards and trophies for their awards ceremonies and events.
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Maybe we’ll drop Lewis Hamilton and Bernie Ecclestone a line and see if we can offer any advice in upcoming awards, we’re always happy to help!