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Glass Award Value Verses Glass Award Cost

Glass Award Value Verses Glass Award Cost
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we have been creating glass awards for winners all over the UK for many years, and we have helped lots of different business from a wide range of industries select the best glass award for their needs – but very often we are asked how much a client should spend on a glass award and this is a pretty tricky question to answer.
After all, when somebody is present with a glass award it is normally to mark a special achievement or to commemorate their hard work or effort, it’s not just a glass award because there is an emotional link to the glass award, from both the winner of the award and the person giving the award.
Think of a wedding ring for example, often wedding rings are not hugely expensive, but they become a symbol of something, not something of financial value; and it is exactly the same for a glass award. A glass award seems to be of immense value because it’s a symbol of an achievement, but actually doesn’t need to cost that much.
For example, our Classic Arch Glass Award is a stunning glass award; it is made of high quality glass and engraved by highly skilled and professional glass award engravers. It is extremely well made and has a gorgeous smooth shape to create an elegant piece of glass – but it is just £17.95.
Nobody need know the price of our Classic Arch Glass Awards because as long as they look high quality and are well made the rest of it just becomes a symbol for an excellent achievement. Glass awards like our classic arch glass awards are very low cost wise, especially when compared to the ultimate personal value.
When you are looking for the right glass award for your awards ceremony or business event don’t just think about the financial cost, but also the value and worth it will bring to the person that receives the glass award, not just today but for many, many years to come.