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How Can You Give Employee Recognition?

How Can You Give Employee Recognition?
As we all know, traditionally employee recognition has not been a core activity of the public relations team, but why shouldn’t it be? If you are a PR Manager why not start doing it, you don’t even need to tell anyone you are doing it, instead you can just sit back and observe the results.
A highly effective employee recognition plan could be to spontaneously praise people. You will find that to many employees receiving sincere thanks will feel like a huge deal to them. You could recognise employees in this way face to face, via email, a personal message on their desk or public praise in front of colleagues. Ensure the praise is given in a timely, sincere and specific way.
Day to day recognition in this was brings the benefit of immediate and powerful reinforcement of desired behaviour objectives and sets an example to colleagues that this is the desired behaviour and that this desired behaviour is noticed.
We feel that the best formula for recognising the effort and hard work of an individual is as follows;
• Thank the person for their hard work by name
• State what they did that has been recognised, by putting into words the reason you are thanking them will identify and reinforce the required and desired behaviour
• Explain how their hard work, effort or desired behaviour made you feel, using words like pride and respect for their accomplishment
• Point out the value their effort and hard work bought to the team
• Thank the person again by name for their contribution and perhaps if being done publicly give the achiever a glass award as additional praise for a ‘job well done’
Recognition is a key success factor in teams; even at higher levels of management because people want to know that what they have done has been recognised. It is essential that the whole business or organisation celebrates larger achievements with award ceremonies with glass awards and trophies or even through photos in newsletters and such like.