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How Do I Find The Right Corporate Award?

How Do I Find The Right Corporate Award?
Applying for a corporate award can be a very lengthy, stressful and time consuming thing to do, and sometimes applying for a corporate award can also be very expensive so it is important that you make sure you find the corporate awards that are really worth applying for and the ones that perhaps you should steer clear from to save yourself time, hassle and money.
Like the old saying about ‘Picking Your Battles’ it is important to apply for the right corporate award because not every corporate award will be right for you. It may not be right for your business to compete with huge multinational companies right now, but there may be other corporate awards that are just right for you. Try having a search on the internet for awards in your industry or for businesses of your size or in your geographical area. When you identify the right awards for your business you then need to think about which category is right for you.
When choosing the right category of corporate award to put your business forward for make sure you play to your strengths, you may be able to apply for all the awards categories but which corporate award category really stands out for your business, in which category does your business really excel?
Perhaps this year you have expanded greatly into international and overseas sales in which case an international expansion corporate award could be ideal for your business, maybe you have done some incredible social media marketing in which case a corporate digital award could be ideal for you or if you’ve done something amazing in the community a community award could be right up your street? Be careful how many corporate award categories you enter as it will increase your workload but also can be costly.
When entering corporate awards remember that they are not the be all and end all and just entering a corporate award can give you a great opportunity to properly investigate your own business. A corporate award is by no means the only measure of success but they are well worth entering, just in case.