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How To Collect A Glass Award

If you’ve been nominated for an award you’ll want to think about what you should and shouldn’t do when you win the award and have to go and collect it. So, let’s picture the scene, you’ve just had your name called out and you have won the award;
Firstly you need to kiss or hug those closest to you, but only for a moment. Award ceremonies run to tight deadlines and you may find if you take too long getting to the stage you won’t be able to do your acceptance speech. For example, at the Oscars each person has a 2 minute slot to get to the stage and do their speech as well as collect their glass award or trophy.
Don’t send someone else to get the glass award or trophy on your behalf, instead change plans to make sure you will be there. When you do your acceptance speech try and avoid political statements or views as these are always on the risky side.
Shedding a tear or two is acceptable but try not to cry too much. You want your audience to hear what you are saying and not try and grasp what you are saying between sobs. You need to take a deep breath, compose yourself and talk clearly and calmly to avoid you looking like a sobbing mess.
Dependent on where the awards ceremony is and if general members of the public are attended then there may be streakers; especially if the awards ceremony is on TV. Try and memorise a witty put down in case this does happen, remain posed and eloquent and don’t let it put you off your stride or acceptance speech.
Whatever you do, do not forget to thank your husband or wife, not only does it give you a personality and something to like about you but not thanking your long-suffering partner can result in a marriage break down as has happened with many celebrities. You may remember part of Ryan Binghams acceptance speech at the Oscars 2010 when he said “I love you more than rainbows, baby”. There were some major brownie points scored there.
These are just some pointers and tips to ensure that you successfully and elegantly collect your glass award or trophy. However, the most important thing to remember is that you have fun and enjoy the awards ceremony.