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How To Improve Morale and Motivate Employees in 2017

How To Improve Morale and Motivate Employees in 2017
We all love to be recognised by others, especially when we have worked hard to achieve something. If you don’t believe me look at a child when they win a race on sports day, swim their first 10m or receive a glass sports award for another achievement – the pride on their face, and their parents really says it all!
Your employees will often be more than happy to go that extra mile for you and the business when overcoming a problem or meeting tight deadlines, but that is no reason not to recognise this extra effort that employees have put in. If the extra effort goes unnoticed employees will wonder why they both, recognise the employees and they’ll be motivated to go that extra mile again, because they know their hard work and effort won’t go unnoticed.
Thanking an employee and emphasising how much their effort has helped the business and is really appreciated will go a long way to increasing team morale and will motivate the individual employee and those around them as the team understand what a difference they can make to the success of the business.
A thank you is brilliant, but once aid it may be forgotten after a few days or even hours, so for those employees that have really gone above and beyond you need a thank-you that is more permanent and that is where our crystal glass awards come in. We have a wide selection of glass trophies, cheap glass awards and crystal glass awards that you can choose from which will work as a permanent reminder to the employee of how grateful you are of their effort.
Before giving out glass awards in your workplace you need to decide the types of behaviour you will be recognising and rewarding along with how the glass award will be given, will it be in a team meeting, a one to one meeting or in front of the whole workplace? You need to make these decisions at the beginning because this is the stepping stone to continuous morale boosting and staff motivation going forward.
If you need help choosing the right glass awards for your business and employees then just give us a call, we would be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have.