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How To Increase The Positive Energies In Your Workplace

How To Increase The Positive Energies In Your Workplace –
There are times when morale in your workplace will feel low and sadly this will often be in the winter. Your employees will arrive at work when its dark outside, they will leave work when its dark outside, it will be cold and wet, they may have to defrost their cars in the morning, Christmas is fast approaching and bank balances will be looking tight – plus the dreaded colds and flu will be flying round the office.
So how can you increase the positive energies in your workplace, especially when there is so much going against you?
When looking to increase or even create positive energies in the workplace you need to remember that the energy of your workplace is made from a collection of the energies of the employees within your workplace. However, you are part of the workplace and your energies can make an impact on the workplace, for good or bad, dependant on your energies. If you are positive and upbeat you will move the energy needle towards the positive side, if you’re in a foul mood the energies of the office will move to the negative side.
To increase the positive energies in the workplace why not set yourself a task of praising or giving positive feedback to three people every day. You’ll find it tricky to start, but you’ll soon find it much easier. Not only will your mood be lifted by making others smile, but their moods and the moods of those around them will be lifted too.
You could also consider a glass award for a positive person? Sit your team down and tell them you’re aiming to boost the mood in the workplace and as such you will be awarding one person each month with a crystal glass award for their positive contributions to the workplace. This promise of recognition for their efforts will quickly encourage positive changes and before you know it your office will be full of positive energy and a happy, focused and successful workforce.