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How To Select The Perfect Glass Award

How To Select The Perfect Glass Award
Choosing the perfect glass award for a business or corporate event can be really tricky, there is a lot to consider and most importantly, you want the receiver to understand the importance of the award and for them to feel their hard work has been noticed. Here at Fen Regis Trophies we have a selection of glass awards from cheap glass awards to some truly stunning and spectacular glass awards. We have something to suit all budgets and tastes; however how can you find the perfect glass award for your needs?
Firstly you need to ask yourself what the glass award is for. Do you want it to show gratitude, to recognise long service, to encourage achievement or to reward excellent accomplishments? You also need to decide if you want the glass award to create a sense of common belonging for the team as a whole or to mark someone on their own for incredible perfect efforts.
Once you have decided what you the glass award for and what you want the glass award to achieve you need to choose the most appropriate award for this. You can do this by keeping in mind what was accomplished and the reward to be relevant to the achievement, you need it to be attractive so the receiver wants to show it off and you want it to suit your budget too!
While a trophy is traditionally used for sports awards we have some stunning glass trophies that can really stand out in a workplace or in a glass awards cabinet. Uniquely shaped glass awards are really popular and you can opt for shapes like stars if someone has been a ‘star’ or ‘hand shake’ if someone has offered excellent customer service or closed a record amount of sales.
Once you have selected the glass award or glass trophy of your choice then you can personalise it for the receiver with the engraving of your choice, creating a bespoke and personal award that the receiver will love, cherish and be proud of for many years to come.