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Ideas For Glass Engraving

Glass engraving makes a glass award, trophy or glass gift personal, special and memorable and the ideas for glass engraving our limitless. We have created a list of glass engraving ideas for a wide range of occasions such as glass wedding gifts, glass business awards, memorial glass gifts, sports glass awards and so much more.
Sports Glass Awards
Creating engraved glass awards for sports tournaments is a great way of recognising those that have worked really hard and have incredible skills at a chosen sport. Ideally you would engrave a sports glass award with the name of the winning team, or the winner and the team they are in, along with the date the glass award was won, the name of the tournament the one and the name of the award they won, such as Player of the Match, Best Team, etc.
Glass Wedding Gifts
Newly married couples will receive lots of gifts from those attending their special day so why not use glass engraving to create a wedding gift that will remind them of their very special day. This could be something like champagne flutes engraved with bride and groom along with the date of their marriage, or a glass vase with their new married names and the date of their marriage. Engraved glass wedding gifts are an excellent gift to create that extra special and personal feeling.
Glass Business Awards
Whether it’s for a business award or industry award, glass awards work really well to celebrate achievements in business; anything from the highest sales, the quickest growing business, the most successful young business person and such like. Glass awards for businesses look great on reception desks and on shelves within the office and we have loads for you to choose from, of all shapes and sizes.
Engraved Glass Memorials
Engraved glass memorials are a beautiful reminder of the loved ones that you have lost. These can be engraved with the name of the loved one, the dates they were born and left along with a special quote, logo or symbol that meant something to them. These can then be given as a special gift or left by the graveside.