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Increase The Positive Energy In The Workplace

Increase The Positive Energy In The Workplace
In every workplace there is energy, and this is normally the energy that is created from those in the workplace. Sometimes the energy in a workplace can be positive, helpful, happy, motivational and upbeat but other times the energy can feel quite grey, depressing, negative and even life-sucking so in this blog post we have put together some top tips for helping you to increase the positive energy in your workplace.
Firstly you need to focus on the collective energy of those in the workplace, remembering that you are also part of the workforce and can therefore impact on the energy of the workplace; if you are more positive this will rub off on others and help to increase the positive energy in the workplace.
There is a really simple and effective way to boost the positive energy in a workplace which although tricky at first will get easier and easier as the weeks go on and you’ll even find yourself enjoying it after a few days.
You need to give 3 different people in your workplace an honest and positive compliment, aiming to choose a different 3 people each day. Over time you will notice a change in the atmosphere and an increase in the positive energy in the workplace and the way in which your team members react with each other.
If a workplace is more positive, it will be a nicer place for people to work and for customers to visit, your team members will be happier and more positive with customers and your customers will enjoy the experience of purchasing from you, which will encourage more sales and a higher level of recommendations to friends and family.
You could add ‘positive energy’ into the business goals of the upcoming year and even award someone that shows or even exemplifies a source of positive energy that has a clear impact on the workforce and office.
Something like a Circular Glass Award with a smiley face engraved onto it, with the name of the winner; the month / quarter they have won the award and a personal thank you for keeping up the positive energy in the workplace.
Overtime colleagues will be competing against each other for the most sought after circular glass award as they too want to be the person that spreads the most positive energy in the workplace. The great thing about our Circular Glass Awards is that they are a cheap glass award too, so for a small financial cost you could have a really positive and successful business!