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Inscriptions For Glass Awards

Glass awards are something that when given are cherished and admired for years to come, of course it is important to have the logo of the business or the organisation engraved on the glass award but what other inscriptions can you put on awards to make them more special? We have put together some ideas for you;
Service Awards
A service award is often given to someone that has been with the business, club, group or organisation for a long time. It could be a sports coach that has supported the team, a member of staff could have been with the company for 20 years or it could be a chairman that has been spectacular in their running of the organisation. Ideally on a glass service award you would want to state the name of the receiver along with the number of years of service and dedication by engraving the glass award. This could then be followed with something like ‘Your dedication and passion has paved the way for the future success of the organisation’ towards the base of the glass award.
Achievement Awards
Glass awards are often presented to recognise outstanding performance or a sales achievement. The people that win this sort of award will want to proudly display it, so consider a glass award that is tall or eye catching. Ideally you would want the glass award engraved with the first and last name of the winner and the date of which the glass award was given along with the reason the award was won, for example, commission earned or revenue generated.
Retirement Awards
If a member of your office team is retiring or perhaps the chairperson of your charity organisation, then why not celebrate this in style to show you how grateful you really are for their hard work and dedication to your business or organisation. You could provide a light buffet and drinks, inviting members of the family too? Then a glass award can be presented with the name and title of the receiver along with engraving that says thank you for your … years of service to the company name. This should be awarded with some words about the faithful work and support of the person.
When thinking about the engraving for your glass awards remember that the award is something that will be kept for many years to come.