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Is A Cube Glass Award For You?

Is A Cube Glass Award For You?
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we feel we have always got our finger on the pulse, we know what sort of glass awards our clients like and we make sure we always have those in stock for them. In everything we do we always put the customer first and this is why we feel that our business continues to grow through recommendations, word of mouth and repeat business.
We keep a close eye on the products we sell and we have noticed that the Skye Cube Jade Glass Award is one of our most popular glass awards and has been for some time now. It is a stunning award and due to its look, shape and size it stands out from the crowd, which is why we think it is so popular – it also offer great value for money as a cheap glass award but we also wondered if there was a physiological reason people are drawn towards our stunning Skye Cube Jade Glass Award.
Many of us doddle when we have a pen and paper to hand, this could be during meetings, while we are on the phone or even while we are watching TV – but what does it mean if you doodle a cube, similar to the cube of our Skye Cube Jade Glass Award?
Experts say that drawing a square or cube means that you want and have control of a situation. If you draw a square and it progresses to a cube or box you are a very efficient and analytical person who has the ability to deal with even the trickiest of situations with minimal fuss. Drawing a cube doesn’t mean you are closed minded, instead it means you are liberal with a free and open style of thinking. It may also mean that you have the ability to observe all angles of a situation.
Could this be the reason that people are drawn to our Skye Cube Jade Glass Award? Or perhaps it’s just because it really is a stunning cheap glass award? Either way, wouldn’t it be wonderful to present the Skye Cube Jade Glass Award to the receiver with a brief background of the trophy and what the cube really says about the person – making it a truly personalised glass award that sits them, their personality and their achievements?