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Is There A Right Way To Create An Awards System In School?

Is There A Right Way To Create An Awards System In School?
Let’s start by looking at how awards could be given out, should the average score for someone to receive an award by 85% or maybe 80%, should an award be given based on one subject, based on all subjects or maybe just the core subjects? But is that a fair awards system for all students?
Firstly, basing awards on a grading system may not always be the best option, what if a student has worked really hard all year but only gained 79% in their exams… by not giving them an award will they not feel dejected and like they shouldn’t try anymore?
The problem with basing awards on exam results is that you are not awarding those students that are trying hard continually and maybe you are awarding a student who naturally gets great awards with no great effort?
How about the child that is excellent at sports but terrible at maths, what about the student that is an excellent friend to those in his or her class but never manages to gain those top marks required to get an award? These are still excellent students and surely they are not worthy of an award in their own right.
Surely students should be given individual things to work on, they should know where their strengths lie and what areas they need to work on – they shouldn’t have to be aiming to fit into a grading system that some students may never be able to achieve?
It is very tough to set up an awards system but they are extremely worthwhile, students are proud to receive an award, they will see others in their class get an award and they will want to win the award too. Students will be more motivated if they know they will get a prize for doing so, a grade means minimal to younger students but a glass award or trophy is something they can show off to friends, family and class mates.
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