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Looking For A Glass Award That Stands Out?

Looking For A Glass Award That Stands Out?
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we very often speak to customers that are looking for a crystal glass award that really stands out from the crowd. They want a crystal glass award that has a need to be noticed and when given the receiver will know that they have done something extremely special to be worthy of such a glass award.
We have loads of crystal glass awards that stand out, this may be due to their shape, down to their colour, down to their style or size… but when it comes to height there is one glass award that certainly stands out from the crowd, but sadly it isn’t available for sale.
We are talking about a glass trophy than can be found in The Dome in Marquette, Michigan. It was built in April, 2011 by a trophy supplier called Quick Trophy and has been recorded by the Guinness Book Of World Records as a record breaking trophy due to its size.
This glass trophy that can be found in Michigan is 22 feet 6.5 inches in height and was recognised as a world record breaking trophy for its height in March 2012 and still holds that title now. If you ever go to the Superior Dome on the campus of Northern Michigan University it is well worth seeing, you won’t believe how tall and detailed this glass award is.
As much as we cannot create a trophy of this size we do have a wide selection on glass awards that stand out from the crowd and get noticed. For example we have shaped glass awards, star glass awards with stars cut out, placed on top or attached in a different material, we have blue glass awards, glass trophies of height and glass awards with bevelled edges that look spectacular as their cuts catch the light.
If you’d like help choosing a glass award that stands out then feel free to contact us directly, we are more than happy to help find the right glass award for your needs.