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Movember Awards

You may have been walking down the street and noticed a touch more facial hair than is normally about? For the first week in November it looks like everyone has got bored of shaving… the second week there are lots of people with itchy beards and moustaches and by week three and four facial hair has become a work of art. This facial hair is a work of art that should be celebrated.
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we take our hats of to those using Movember to fundraise for some amazing charities and causes, but we think these amazing achievements should be not only celebrated, but recognised and awarded. We put our thinking caps on and came up with the following potential award names and we were keen to hear what you think of them;
• The Longest One – of course this is for the person that grows the longest beard and moustache, sometimes little style but definitely maximum growth and length. A good glass award for this would be Tall Star Column Award as the receiver is a star and hopefully the facial hair is as long (if not longer) as the star glass award is tall?

• The Best Designed One – this is for the person that has spent hours, if not all month, designing their facial hair to look incredible, to turn heads and to attract attention to a very worthy cause. We feel a well designed glass trophy like our Optic Triangle Rainbow award would be best for this receiver.

• The Roundest One – there will be one person, or more than one, that cannot get length from their facial hair and it will just come out like a ball of fluff. These people have tried hard to take part in the fundraiser but this year, their facial hair just wasn’t ready. For this award winner we recommend the Optic Oval Rainbow Award as a reminder of their ever so oval facial hair.

These are just three of the awards titles and names we came up with for those participating in Movember – can you think of anymore?