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Ordering Personalised Glass Awards Has Never Been Easier

Ordering Personalised Glass Awards Has Never Been Easier –
If you’ve not ordered glass awards for a long time then you may remember it being a very slow, stressful and concerning period. Maybe you went into a glass award shop and were overwhelmed by the glass awards available, or perhaps you ordered your personalised glass award online and then worried you had been scammed as there were no contact details and the company didn’t seem terribly professional?
When you use Fen Regis Trophies you’ll find that ordering personalised glass awards has never been easier, we have an online shop where you can find the glass trophy you are looking for, at a price that suits your budget. Alternatively, if you are based near Peterborough and prefer to do things face to face, you can pop in and see us. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff will be only too happy to help you find the right glass award.
Similarly to others companies that sell glass awards, we also offering personalisation and engraving, but unlike others that offer glass award engraving, we do our glass award engraving in-house. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced glass award engravers who can complete the engraving on your glass award and because it is done in house we can double and triple check all glass awards to ensure they are perfect for our customers.
Some engraved glass award suppliers will limit you to a set amount of words or characters, but we aren’t like that. Instead you can tell us what you would like on the glass award including the logo, image or branding and all the wording you would like. We will then send you a design proof of the engraving and when you approve it we will start work on your glass award.
Plus all of our contact details can be clearly seen on our website, so if you have any concerns you can send us an email, pop in and see us or pick up the phone and call us – giving you the peace of mind that your engraved glass awards are safe in our hands.