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Perfect Pointers For Giving Recognition

Glass Awards and Glass Trophies are a really good way of giving recognition to your staff, company awards and team trophies can work really well but there are some pointers you may need to follow when it comes to giving recognition to your staff members. It’s not all about giving a glass award or trophy, as you can see below;
• Be Specific – Don’t just give recognition to a person for doing well, instead think about the specific things the person has done and praise them for that. Put together a few specific words of why the person deserves the glass award and tell them this when you hand over the glass company award.
• Talk About It – Have a conversation with the receiver of the work and tell them why what they did was so good and the impact they had. This confirms to others just how much work of individuals is noticed.
• Don’t Ruin It – If you are giving recognition then don’t ruin it, don’t put a sting in the tail by saying “Well Done, you did a great job ‘but’…” Make sure recognition stays as recognition and nothing less.
• Make it Public – Go public with recognition so the whole team can praise the receiver of the recognition, while at the back of their minds they will be thinking about how they can get recognition and the much coveted glass company award or trophy.
• Pass on the Praise – If someone else has praised another member of the team make sure you tell the receiver of the recognition that other people have said these things about them, using names and quotes of you choose to.
When you praise members of your team, you are showing your whole team that recognition is given and performance is paid attention to. The receiver of the recognition will work hard not to let you down while others will be keen to gain an award too.
If you’re not sure of the right glass awards or trophies for your business then give us a call, we can always recommend or advise you on the best glass award or company trophy for you. We have recognition awards to suit all budgets.