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Plaques Or Glass Trophies?

Plaques Or Glass Trophies? –
It has been much reported that receiving any form of award will boost the positivity of the receiver and their team, whether they are being recognised for hard work, focus or achieving a goal. Receiving an award of any kind is a hugely fulfilling moment that will be remembered for years to come and the award will always be proudly displayed for all to see.
Although plaques and glass trophies are both extremely common awards to be given for achievements they can often be interchanged but there are some very clear differences when it comes to plaques and glass trophies.
A plaque will often be made of a material such as metal, stone, wood or ceramic and is often seen in offices, corporate settings, in education venues such as schools and colleges or similar. A plaque will often be used as something to keep track of the current and previous winners of an award or recognition of achievement and plaques work really well for this.
Many people don’t know this but the term ‘plaque’ actually comes from a work that translates simply to an ornamental plate or tablet, hence the shape, size, style and design of a plaque.
Glass Trophies
Trophies were originally given to sports played who showed exceptional performance, they were originally made from silver, gold and other metals but are now commonly made from glass and crystal glass. The great thing about crystal glass trophies is that they can be given to the individual winner and the receiver will be able to keep their glass trophy for years to come.
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we don’t like to compare plaques to glass trophies as we actually think they work really well together – a glass trophy can be given to keep by the receiver who has achieved something amazing, while the plaque is the historical record of the achievement and those that have won the award over the years.