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Random Office Awards

It’s a great idea to give awards to your staff, as you’ll have experienced it is lovely to receive an award and it’s even nicer to be the person giving out the awards. But award ceremonies don’t always have to be serious – why not jazz it up a bit and give everyone in your workplace an award?
We have lots of cheap glass awards here at Fen Regis Trophies and we can engrave them free of charge if you spend over £100, but we can also offer bulk buy discounts too, if you are ordering lots of the same awards that could then be personalised with the name of the receiver, the name of the award, the date they won the award and even the logo of the company?
There are different ways of giving out awards in the workplace, you could have a list of award names and then ask members of the team to secretly vote other team members for the awards or you could ask team members to come up with their own award names too?
Here were some of the more random office award titles we came up, feel free to try them out on your team members – we’ve found that, especially when awards are being given out at Christmas or a party, it’s sometimes the funnier the award the better;
• The Egg On Your Face Award
• Bloody Well Done Award
• Brightest Star Award
• Someday We’ll Laugh About This Award
• Significant Achievement Award
• Going The Extra Mile Award
• It’s 5 O Clock Somewhere Award
• Knight In Shining Armour Award
• Stealth Sweet Eater Award
• The Let It Go Award
• Breath Of Fresh Air Award
• Top Dog Award
• Loudest Laughter Award
• Chatterbox Award
• Proud To Be A Geek Award
• Most Impressive Beard Award
• Take the Cake Award
• Newcomer Award
• Dare to Dream Award
Which award titles did you like the most? Any that you think we should add to the list?