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Recognition Glass Awards That Impress

Recognition Glass Awards That Impress
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we don’t often get the chance to see the receivers of the personalised glass awards that we have created but we have attended many awards ceremonies and seen the embarrassment on an award givers face as the glass award breaks from the base on as handle falls off when the award is passed to the receiver (of course these awards have not been made by us).
However we have also seen winners of awards bounding up to the stage to win a prestigious glass award, the look on their face while they proudly beam showing off their glass award for all to see. This is when we know we have done a great job, when we see the look of sheer happiness in the receiver and the look of pride in their colleagues, friends and families faces.
When it comes to recognition glass awards that impress it really is down to first impressions. Imagine someone saying to you “Well Done for all your hard work over the last year, we’re really impressed and very grateful for your commitment and dedication” while handing over a cheap looking glass award that is close to breaking?
Now imagine some saying to you “Well Done; you’ve done a superb job. Your dedication and commitment over the last year has been phenomenal and we’re really pleased to give you this prestigious glass award” as this is being said you are given a glitzy glass award, it’s very heavy, looks very expensive and is personalised with an engraving that repeats how wonderful you have been.
Staff reward schemes are a proven and popular way for companies, group, industries and organisation to show their staff members how great they are and how much they are appreciated – so it’s important that the prestigious glass award shows just that.
Looks really do count, but we can supply cheap glass trophies that still look a million dollars and when provided with high quality engraving the receiver feels honoured to receive such a prestigious award.