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Should You Award A Team Or An Individual?

Should You Award A Team Or An Individual?
When it comes to giving glass awards in businesses, schools, industries and sports it is sometimes hard to decide which glass awards should be given and what they should be given for. One of the biggest questions we often get asked is, especially in business, if a glass award should be given to the team or to the individual?
Unfortunately this one of those questions where there is no right or wrong answer and in this article we will explain why it’s good to give an individual glass award but also a team glass award, but for very different reasons.
You only have to look a few job specification and you’ll quickly see they all have something in common, they’ll be looking for a good team player or someone that works well as a team, and potential employees know this as well as this is what is always written in that first line of a CV.
Of course teamwork is critical for the success of any business, it means that everyone is working together for the success of the business and everyone is pulling in the right direction. However we also need to remember that the people of the team are individuals as well, as much as the success of the business may be a team effort, what if an individual has really stood out from the team to achieve something amazing? Should the whole team be awarded for an individual’s achievement and hard work?
Praising a team or the leader, manager or supervisor of a team is a great way to encourage team building and help the relationship of a team but if you want individuals to go that extra mile then it is essential that you award the individual.
However, there is no reason you cannot give a team glass award as well as an individual glass award if someone has really stood out from the already ‘winning’ team. Perhaps opt for a larger version of a glass award for the team and then a smaller glass award for the individual glass award so they are connected but the individual also feels recognised for their own efforts and hard work.