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The Best Awards To Recognise Your Employees Success

The Best Awards To Recognise Your Employees Success
There are many different ways you can recognise the success of your employees, such as glass awards, monetary gifts, glass trophies or even a pat on the back, but what works best? What is the best award to recognise employees’ success in your business?
Glass Awards vs. Monetary Gifts
The problem with giving cash and vouchers is that as much as it is loved at first, the thrill of receiving it will soon wear off, shortly after the money or voucher is spent… but with a glass award you are giving your employee something they can look back on for months or years to come. It is something that will take pride of place on their desk or in their office and it will remind them of the reason they won the glass award, how they felt when they received the glass award and it will be a tool to connect them with the business on a deeper level than any sum of cash would have.
Glass Trophies vs. a Pat on the Back
Verbal praise is very good within a business and is definitely not something you should stop doing, but, as with cash and vouchers, the words you have used will fade from the employees mind. Whereas a glass trophy with the words engraved on it will serve as a continuous reminder that they are good at what they do, you recognise them for this and they are appreciated within the business. An engraving of the words on the glass trophy makes the words permanent, to be remembered long into the future.
The Best Award to Recognise Your Employees Success
The best combination to award our staff is a smaller monetary gift, along with kind words and a pat on the back, before presenting them with an award. This means you have achieved the three main aspects of recognition; real value (the money), real gratitude (personal thanks) and the long term effect on the employee who has completed work to an exceptional standard (the glass award or glass trophy).
How do you recognise the success of your employees?