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The Classic Sports Glass Award

The Classic Sports Glass Award
As a glass award and trophy supplier with a high street presence as well as online presence we often speak to lots of customers over the phone as well as face to face, the customers that come in and see us at our trophy shop in Peterborough are often local sports clubs and they will ask for the ‘standard shape glass award’, here at Fen Regis Trophies we know exactly which glass award they mean, it’s the Classic Arch Glass Award, but why is this award known as the standard sports glass award?
For many years the classic arch glass award has been the style of the perfect engraved glass award for sports clubs and subsequent sports awards. It’s just the way it is, it is the engraved glass award that the receiver expects to be awarded with if they achieve player of the year, win a match or their team wins the game.
There are many reasons that the classic arch glass award is so popular among sports clubs and organisations, one of these reasons may be that due to the shape the symbol of the sport or the logo of the sports team fits perfectly in the arch of the glass award, leaving plenty of room for the wording below.
Another reason that we feel the classic arch glass award is so popular among sports clubs is that for a small additional charge it can be supplied with a satin lined presentation box. This presentation box then protects the classic arch glass award when the receiver pops it in their sports bag while they grab a shower or when they are out celebrating.
If a standard award is given every year, for a reason like player of the season then it is a good idea to use the same glass award year in year out as this sticks with tradition. As the sport is played for years and years by different generations the glass awards all look the same and offer a real insight into history and skill.
If you are looking for the classic sports glass award then the classic arch glass award is exactly what you are looking for!