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The Different Styles of Corporate Glass Awards

The Different Styles of Corporate Glass Awards –
When organising, planning or hosting a corporate awards ceremony it is important you consider the different styles of corporate glass awards that are available and the best ones to suit your needs. This can be easier said than done as there are so many different styles of corporate awards out there on the market.
In this blog post we have covered the main types of corporate glass awards to help make your search for the perfect corporate glass award that little bit easier;
Glass Award Plaques
These are the flat glass awards that are often very popular for corporate awards due to their large space for engraving, this means a company logo and sponsor branding can be clearly displayed along with the name of the receiver and details of the award they have won. Due to their style and shape they look great on both desks and shelves, stood proudly for the world to see.
Crystal Glass Awards
We find that crystal glass awards are ideal for corporate awards when you are looking to add a touch of elegance and style; these are the perfect corporate awards if they are being given at a corporate awards ceremony or event. Crystal glass awards are available in different shapes and sizes and really show someone that their hard work or extra effort has been appreciated.
Figure Glass Awards
Picture the Brit Awards and the figurine style awards that are given there, here at Fen Regis Trophies we have a handshake figure glass award that really stands out from the crowd. They are great for someone that deserves more than a one-off handshake and they also work well for those that have achieved a huge amount of deals or kept customers happy on a face to face basis.
Glass Trophies
These are the glass awards that have more height and more of a point to them, towering over other awards in an awards cabinet and really standing proud. Glass trophies are an honour to behold, looking prestigious, elegant and sophisticated – exactly what you need from a corporate glass award don’t you think?