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The Importance of Attaching Meaning to Your Glass Award

The Importance of Attaching Meaning to Your Glass Award
It is essential that if you choose to give out glass awards that they have meaning. A glass award has to recognise an achievement as this is one of the main reasons you give an award; to encourage the repetition of the behaviour, hard work or effort that they are receiving the glass award for.
By giving a glass award you are telling people that you have recognised their hard work, accomplishment or effort and you appreciate them for this hard work, accomplishment or extra effort they have put in to help the success of your organisation, business or team. For this reason you need to make sure that your glass awards are given in an authentic way.
Although you want to ensure that glass awards are not mocked as they are given continuously for relatively small achievements it is a good idea to offer and give glass awards at regular intervals as this gives people plenty of opportunities to strive for the award, aiming for the stars to gain the recognition that we all crave.
Maybe you only have a small team and feel that a monthly ‘person of the month’ award would be too much, in which case why not have a quarterly or yearly award instead, which still motivates the team but isn’t given too often that soon everyone has been a receiver of the award at some time.
By attaching meaning to the glass award you are providing a platform for people, to make them feel like they are part of the team, important to the organisation and integral to the group achieving huge successes. They aren’t just a number, but they really are recognised for their hard work.
Through understanding the importance of attaching meaning to your glass award you and your organisation will quickly reap the benefits of an awards system and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.