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The Largest Trophy And The Oldest Trophy

Here at Fen Regis Trophies we love facts that can be shared at a dinner party, facts that will impress others and facts that can easily be slipped into conversation to make you look like the most knowledgeable and intelligent person in the room.
So here are two facts about trophies that can be easily slipped into the conversation, for example:
• Oh Rupert, what a lovely Heptagon Glass Trophy that is behind you, did you know that…
• Yes Dorothy, I did hear about the wonderful Emerald Glass Trophy your daughter won for her dance performance, but I bet you never knew…
• Do you know what, having seen that Optic Triangle Rainbow Award it reminds of a fact I heard the other day…
And now here are the details about the largest trophy and the oldest trophy that you can share to amaze and impress those around the table at the next dinner party you attend;
The World’s Largest Trophy
The world’s largest trophy measured 10.64 metres (34 foot and 10.87 inches) in height, it was created by Southland Park Gaming and Racing. The record was set at 22nd August 2014 at the Southland Park Gaming and Racing premises in West Memphis, Arkansas, USA.
The World’s Oldest Association Football Trophy
The world’s oldest association football trophy is most commonly known as the Scottish Cup, but officially known as the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup (Scotland). This Scottish Cup sports trophy has been awarded continuously since 1874. The world record was won on the 11th May 2011 in Glasgow. The Scottish Cup sports trophy is played for annually as the main national cup competition in Scotland. The only known football trophy that is older than the Scottish Cup Sports Trophy is the Youdan Cup but this was only awarded once, for Sheffield Rules Football and that was in 1867.
Make sure you practice your facts and use them at your next dinner party – have you got any other trophy or glass award facts that you think we should know?