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The Most Popular Cheap Glass Award

The Most Popular Cheap Glass Award
The expert team of friendly and professional staff members here at Fen Regis Trophies have many years experience providing glass awards and trophies to clients across the UK in a wide range of industries, businesses, schools and events – but one of the most popular cheap glass awards over the years has been the Rectangle Glass Award.
The Rectangle Glass Award offers a classic shape and design that has always been a favourite among those organising corporate events – it is a very well made and weighty glass award that screams high quality but is actually an extremely cheap glass award, available from just £14 per glass award and the largest sized rectangle glass award is just £24.50 (with discounts available when you order more than one).
We feel that the Rectangle Glass Award is popular for a wide range of reasons but with lots of different clients ordering the rectangle glass award for different reasons, we couldn’t be sure of the main reason this award is so popular but we can definitely share with you a few benefits of the rectangle glass award that we feel makes it so popular.
As we have already mentioned, the shape, design and style of the glass award is typical of the corporate and business industry. It is a standard shape when it comes to glass awards and offers the large space that has plenty of available room for branding, a logo, the name of the award, a logo of the sponsor, the name of the winner and even the date that they won the award.
Another benefit of our Rectangle Glass Awards is that they are available in 5 different sizes, this means you can give awards to 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and finalists or if you have a tighter budget for the glass awards then you could opt for the smaller sizes?
Don’t forget we also offer free engraving on all glass awards and free delivery when you place an order of £100 or more, helping you save even more money when purchasing high quality glass awards for your next event.