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The Styles Of Glass And Crystal Awards

The Styles Of Glass And Crystal Awards
The terms glass awards and crystal awards are often used together or instead of each other, however a glass award and a crystal award are not the same things. There are some very distinguishing differences between these two fascinating and extravagant materials. Glass awards and crystal awards are often grouped into four different categories and these are glass awards, jade glass awards, crystal awards and optical crystal awards.
In this article we aim to help you understand the differences of the four glass award types so you can better understand the best award for the needs of your sports club, group, association or business;
Glass Awards
Glass awards tend to be the least clear of the glass award types and often the cheapest glass award when it comes to pricing, especially when compared to a crystal award; however a glass award still looks impressive and classy, especially when personalised with the professional engraving and wording of your choice.
Jade Glass Awards
When you look at the edges or side of a jade glass award you will notice a blue or green tint, this is the colouring of the jade glass which has been created by using a higher percentage of iron during the manufacturing process of the jade glass award. Jade glass awards are a popular option when looking for a cheap glass award.
Crystal Glass Awards
If you are looking for a more prestigious glass award and you’re not restricted by a tight budget then the crystal glass awards are a good option. Lead oxide is added to the elements of the glass mixture during the manufacturing process and this will result in a softer final product which increased weight and shine, with the added bonus of that spectacular sparkling rainbow effect when the light catches the crystal glass award.
Optical Crystal Glass Awards
The optical crystal glass awards are the most luxurious and high end of glass awards available, the material in which they are made from is lead free and the mixture cools over a much longer period creating a glass award that is much clearer than other glass awards. The optical crystal glass award is extremely solid and offers superbly polished surfaces with the opportunity for numerous bevels and design cuts – this glass award type will refract light in a stunning manner, portraying the quality and specialist attention that has gone into creating the optical crystal glass award.