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The Trophies Of Ancient Times

The Trophies Of Ancient Times
Trophies have been given since ancient times, presenting a trophy was used to mark a victory and this tradition lives on today. Did you know that the word ‘trophy’ was actually derived from the Greek word ‘tropaion’ which comes from the verb ‘trope’ which actually means ‘to rout’.
If you were awarded with a trophy in ancient Greece it would reflect a victory in war. The trophy would be created and given on the battlefield at the exact place where the opponent was defeated at war. The trophies that were given would have included things like captured arms and standards from the person they defeated. These things would then be strung up on a tree or a large stake which would then resemble and look like the figure of a warrior – which was your trophy.
Some of these trophies would have had inscriptions which would outline the details of the battle and go on to explain the victory. The trophy was then dedicated to a god or some gods. Meanwhile naval trophies were made of the ship or the remains of the ship that had been defeated in battle and it would then be laid out on a nearby beach or area of land which would represent and show off the conquest. Again, this was known as a trophy.
The ancient Romans also gave trophies but they preferred to keep the trophies that they earned through their hard work closer to their home. The Romans had trophies constructed in Rome rather than offer tributes to the gods at the place of the victory. Very often the ancient Romans trophies would include arches and columns on top of the main foundation of the trophy.
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