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The Variations Of Glass Awards

The Variations Of Glass Awards
We all know that when it comes to presenting corporate awards to a single employee to at a large awards ceremony, large corporate event or annual dinner nothing impresses as much as crystal glass award. The way in which the crystal glass awards shine, sparkle and glisten under just about any lights conditions really shows sophistication and elegance to the receiver.
The team of crystal glass award specialists here at Fen Regis Trophies have noticed that glass awards and crystal glass awards have rapidly grown in popularity for business events and large corporate awards ceremonies. This has led to our team sourcing many new and interesting to suit our clients’ needs, requirements, personalities and budgets.
We find that our selection of cheap glass awards offer an extremely effective way of presenting glass awards when budget is still taken into consideration. We have high quality cheap glass awards available at great value prices, such as our Oval Cut Glass Award which we are offering for less than £11 and there is still room for the engraving of your choice, such as a company logo, branding, wording, symbols or images. This low cost glass award allows our customers to reward more of their hard working employees, encouraging excellent team spirit within the company.
Here at Fen Regis Trophies we also have a range of high quality cut crystal glass awards that tend to be more expensive, due to their very find mix of materials. The high silica and percentage of lead makes a very fine quality crystal glass award that sparkles and glistens under the lights.
If you are looking for a glass award or a crystal glass award for your awards ceremony or corporate event and you’re not sure of the best glass award for your needs give us a call. We are always happy to offer free help, advice and guidance to ensure you get the right glass awards for your needs.