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Trophies & Glass Awards – What’s It All About?

Trophies & Glass Awards – What’s It All About?
Trophies and glass awards have been given out for years and years, we had them at school, our children are getting them at school, our parents used to get them at school, their parents did and probably their parents did too – but why?
Some people see trophies and glass awards as dust collectors, usually those people that have been lucky enough to win one. But there are some really good reasons that glass awards and trophies have been given for many years and still will be for many years to come;
• Trophies and glass awards are a way of rewarding effort
• By giving a trophy or glass award you are showing that a great performance is being recognised
• You can create a friendly and competitive team environment within a sports team or work team through giving glass trophies or glass awards
• Trophies and glass awards enable you to keep a record of previous winners of the same award, through photos and names on the same trophy, year after year
• You gain media opportunities by giving glass awards and trophies as you can put photos and details in the local press, in newsletters and on your website
• Through the use of trophies and glass awards you are helping build confidence in both teams and individuals within a team
If you weren’t being rewarded for your hard work or achievement then what would motivate you to win a prestigious tournament?
Many businesses see the removal of glass awards and trophies as an easy cut back to make in today’s financial climate but this will remove the core values of your business and could result in a higher staff turnover rate and a loss of the talent your business has created.
If you are worried about the cost of glass awards and trophies and considering cutting back on this then give us a call. We have a wide range of excellent quality cheap glass awards and trophies that could be exactly what you are looking for.