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Using Glass Awards for Recognition

Using Glass Awards for Recognition
Recognition has a huge part to play in the success of a business. It is an extremely powerful tool in keeping people motivated and focused on their own success and the success of them team, business, group or organisation.
But recognition doesn’t need to be a huge and sometimes expensive awards ceremony with the cost of venue hire, a three course meal and such like. Instead it could just be a simple company-wide email that praises the efforts, hard work or contribution of an employee. Something like this will often go a long way in helping a high achieving employee feel recognised and content.
The same goes for a handshake from a boss with a personal mention to thank them for the hard work they have done and explaining the effect this achievement has had on the business, the team of their colleagues. Or even a personal phone call from a director or area manager that is not based locally – something like this can really boost the way an employee feels. This form of recognition makes an employee feel noticed while lifting their spirits and making them feel like they really are contributing to the success of the company, their team or the organisation as a whole.
It is only natural that we all feel good when we receive praise or are noticed and it will help boost motivation to receive this recognition and feel this experience again, as they achieve the same or better in the future.
However, not long after the recognition email has been sent, the handshake has taken place or the call has ended it is soon forgotten and this is where recognition glass awards can really work well. A glass award goes alongside the recognition email, call or handshake and serves of a constant reminder that the receiver has been noticed for their hard work and encourages them to keep up their excellent level of work.
Glass awards are an excellent tool to help you reap the success of recognising your employees and helping them stay motivated and focused. Why not order your glass awards now?