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We Can Prove Glass Awards and Recognition Work

We Can Prove Glass Awards and Recognition Work
Have you ever wondered if giving out glass award and creating recognition programs in your business is really worth all the hassle? Well if you have then you’ll be interested to read the following facts we have come across that will confirm that giving glass awards and creating recognition programs are really worth it.
“90% of voluntary resignations are due to the employee feeling under-appreciated by their managers”
This means that 9 out of 10 people that leave your business are doing so because they don’t feel they are being recognised for the hard work they do, it’s not down to the job, the money or the location but because maybe the box hasn’t said thank-you or clearly recognised the work they have done. By giving the employee a glass award you are showing that you recognise their hard work and show how much you appreciate them, and it will cost less than half a day of their pay which will result in you keeping them and their skills in your business and not your competitions.
“Companies that start recognition programs notice a 50% lower turnover rate of staff”
Again, just by giving a glass award that costs the same as a few hours work from an employee will help you keep the skills and experience in your business. 50% is a huge amount and this will help reduce the need for new staff training, slowed down business progression while new staff members are learning the ropes and a reduced risk of unsettlement in the business as staff members continuously come and go.
“30% of employees will improve their performance after being criticised, while 90% will improve their performance after being praised”
You may think it’s more important to focus on the bad things people are doing, but this will only work for 30% of you employees, where as if you focus on the things people are doing well and you recognise for them for this hard work and extra effort, with a glass award, you will be encouraging them to work harder, but also those around them who would like to receive a glass award for their hard work too.
If you don’t think the giving of glass awards and employee recognition programs work, then think again!