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What Glass Awards Can You Give Out?

What Glass Awards Can You Give Out?
So you’ve read our blog posts and articles as well as many other articles that talk about the benefits if glass awards in sports, businesses, industries, schools and communities and you’ve decided that glass awards are definitely for your organisation… but where do you start? What glass awards can you give out in your organisation?
An employee of the month, team player of the month, volunteer of the month or similar award is often a great place to start and with our cheap glass awards it’s a pretty cost effective reason for a glass award too.
However, you really need to think about what do you need to achieve to win an award like this, do they need to have done something outstanding in the community, or do they have to have scored the most points in the sporting event or raised the most money for a charity. Do they have to have bought in the most new clients or highest sales for your business or received the highest level of positive feedback from your customers?
You also need to decide if others vote for them to win the award or if you, a member of management, their team leader or a separate professional selects them personally to be given the glass award for their achievement.
It is essential that whatever you decide to give an award out for you make sure it is achievable for everyone or it can have a negative effect and actually de-motivate the team. For example, if you decide the employee of the month in your business needs to have bought in the most sales, this award is then only available to those in the sales team as your IT Department are never likely to make a sale and the same for your support staff or complaints department.
The same for a sports award for the most goals scored, which is then an unachievable goal for the goal keeper and other players in the team that don’t score goals from their position. Sometimes schools give glass awards to students that are usually badly behaved or arrive late at school and then gain an award for being on time every day… but what does that teach those students who are always at school on time?
This is why team player of the month type glass awards are great because then people are voted for and can win the glass award for a wide range of achievements, efforts and hard work.